What Red Light Can Do For You

In this article, we explore the claims surrounding red light treatment, with more research showing a wide range of benefits, such as reducing aging signs, enhancing skin quality and promoting faster muscle recovery. In this article, we discuss the efficacy of these assertions to determine whether red light truly delivers on its promises – and yes…based on peer reviewed research!

How Does Red Light Treatment Work?

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In contrast to traditional approaches that rely on medication or surgical interventions to manage symptoms, red light treatment directly focuses on the root cause of the problem. Red Light Devices device emit light energy, which prompts the body's cells to respond favourably and facilitate the healing process. Upon application of this specific type of red light on the skin's surface, it can penetrate the body at a depth ranging from 8 to 11 millimetres. Consequently, when targeted at various areas like the shoulder, low back, or neck, the red light influences all the neighbouring layers of skin, lymphatic pathways, and blood vessels, inducing modulation.

Red light exerts its influence on the mitochondria, which are crucial energy-generating components found in cells. These structures absorb light and harness it to produce additional adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a vital cellular fuel. By elevating ATP levels within the cells, red light therapy enhances cellular functionality significantly. As red light treatment operates on a cellular level, its advantages may extend throughout the entire body, promoting improved performance and well-being.

Upon its initial introduction to the market, red light was primarily utilized for treating a wide range of skin conditions, as well as hair loss. However, researchers are now unveiling a broad spectrum of health benefits that it can provide.

So What Can Red Light Do For Me?

Red light treatments may offer many health benefits, and scientists are continuously studying its effects on skin health, cellular regeneration, wound healing, and inflammation. Right now, researchers have found that red light may effectively fight acne, improve rosacea symptoms, lighten age spots, and boost collagen production, making it a great treatment for the skin. But there's more to it!

Below, we list some of the incredible benefits of Red Light for your overall health:

Skin conditions like acne and eczema
- Helps with Hair loss
- Improve athletic performance
- Anti-aging and collagen production
- Improve mood and energy levels
- Lower blood pressure 
- Reduce inflammation
- Improve cognitive function
- Help with weight loss

You might have heard of red & infrared light treatment and its health benefits while visiting wellness centres (infrared saunas), a dermatologist, or a functional medicine doctor. In the past, if you wanted to experience red light treatment, you had to go to a clinic or buy devices that would cost a fortune. These laser devices, called low-level laser therapy (LLLT), could cost thousands of dollars, and a treatment at a clinic will usually set you back over $100 (in Australia) – and that’s the typical price for one single treatment. So basically, having regular treatments could end up costing you thousands overtime.

The Bright Side😃

The good news is, red light devices have now become more affordable and accessible, thanks to LED technology. LED stands for "light-emitting diode." LEDs are safe, easy to use, and cost-effective for at-home treatments. Recent studies have shown that LED devices at home can give the same great results as expensive lasers, as long as they have a similar wavelength and irradiance.

This means you can get the benefits of red light therapy without spending a fortune. Our range of red & infrared light devices are of high quality, third paty tested for safety and effectiveness. The best part is, we offer a 30 day risk free return & money back guarantee - that is how confidence we are that you will get the most out of our devices. But we will leave that up to you!

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Choosing The Right Device

Choosing a red light device can feel overwhelming with so many options available. It's hard to know where to start, and there's misleading information that doesn't help. It's important not to use a tanning bed red light treatment – you need a specialized device with the wavelengths in the top notch spectrum of red light and infrared light. Additionally it is crucial for the device to meet safety certifications and to be third party tested for safety.


Yes, red light treatment does work! The evidence we presented in this detailed article clearly shows its effectiveness. We aimed to provide peer-reviewed evidence so that you could see how a red light treatment device can make a positive impact on your wellness.

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