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InfraHeal™ Red Infrared Light Mat: Full Body Treatment
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Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelengths are proven to help stimulate the 'Mitochondria' within your cells, which is the powerhouse for accelerated healing throughout the body, whilst Red Light wavelengths have been clinically used to stimulate collagen for healthier, radiant skin.


pain relief

Red & Infrared light treatment can relieve painful processes caused by lack of oxygen in damaged tissue by enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery where it’s needed.


Muscle Repair

Recent clinical studies have shown red and near-infrared light can repair muscle, enhance athletic performance, and support the recovery process following exercise or injury.


Boosts Recovery

Infrared light can strengthen the mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy. By doing so, this procedure may increase energy levels, boosts recovery, combats muscle fatigue and promotes cellular healing.


Better Skin

Clinical research has shown that red light can boost collagen production, enhancing skin tone, texture, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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How does it work?


We have adapted to the complete range of light emitted by the sun, which includes both visible light (which we see as colours) and imperceptible wavelengths like infrared.

Multiple studies have shown that red light in the mid-600 nanometre range, and near infrared light in the mid-800 range are most beneficial for our health, with potential to trigger the body's innate healing processes.

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Nitric oxide, a crucial gas essential for arterial health, may hold the secret to the effectiveness of infrared light therapy. Acting as a potent signalling molecule, nitric oxide plays a pivotal role in arterial relaxation, combats harmful free radicals to minimize oxidative stress, prevents the aggregation of platelets within blood vessels, and regulates blood pressure. Consequently, this remarkable molecule improves blood flow, facilitating the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to injured or damaged tissues throughout the body.

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Infrared light treatment is a novel and cutting-edge approach that utilizes light to effectively address pain and inflammation across different areas of the body. Unlike ultraviolet light, which can harm the skin, infrared light fosters the regeneration of cells. By directing specific wavelengths of infrared light to the affected area, it encourages the repair of cells, reducing inflammation and serving as a catalyst for healing.


Backed by science

Infrared Light Treatments have been shown to significantly improve musculoskeletal issues and enhance recovery. It stimulates the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, reducing pain and inflammation. It has been applied in treatment for a range of health conditions, including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, muscle strains, bursitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, wounds and sciatica.


Sunlight naturally emits two types of light: Red and Near Infrared. When used in specific amounts, these lights can help heal your body. Red light (at 660nm) gets absorbed by your skin, making your skin healthier, boosting collagen, and reducing aging effects. Near infrared light (at 850nm) goes even deeper, reaching your bones, muscles, tissues, and organs.




Alan M - Remedial & Sports Therapist, Queensland, Australia

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"Impressive and very easy to use. Red light absolutely works with consistency. Do your research on all the amazing things red light therapy can do for your body"
Steve - Perth, WA

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"Light can speed up the respiration process in cells and increase ATP and other mechanistic factors..You stimulate cellular energy, and you stimulate the body’s ability to repair."

Dr Janis T. Eells
Forbes Health


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Our products use Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelengths which may penetrate deep into your skin and body for proven healing benefits. As your body soaks up the natural light, your mitochondria become activated in producing energy for a wide range of functions.

The effects of red and near-infrared light have been studied in over 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies to date. It is supported by thousands of peer-reviewed medical studies and clinical trials over the past few decades.

Yes. Infrared light is safe and free of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unlike using other laser therapies or tanning beds, red and near-infrared light does not use UV light, which is the cell mutating and cancer causing wavelength

Our products are safe, third party tested, FDA, ISO13485 & RoHS approved.

Research has revealed that infrared light may provide a diverse array of advantages. These findings include enhanced skin health, decreased inflammation and pain, accelerated muscle recovery and athletic prowess, and improved sleep quality. Moreover, infrared light treatment has been investigated for its potential in addressing various medical conditions. Many people find health benefits, such as increased energy and an overall sense of well-being after regular use.

You may experience results as early as after the first treatment session. To get the most out of your InfraHealproduct, consistency is key. We recommend once everyday. However, using your device 2-3 times a day may be beneficial for problematic areas.

Red & Infrared treatment presents a safe and efficient alternative to treatments involving harsh chemicals or UV radiation. It can serve as a substitute for saunas, offering benefits such as enhanced circulation, reduced inflammation, and relaxation. Unlike saunas, which can be costly and necessitate specific installations, our devices are convenient for home use and often more budget-friendly.

If you are seeking a non-intrusive, secure, and efficient method to enhance your overall well-being, red & infrared light treatments could be a favourable option. It is important to recognize that although light treatment is generally safe for the majority of individuals, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional for any personalized advice.

We offer a full 30 day return period, so you get to try your device out at no risk. We don’t charge any restocking fees. If you are not happy with your device for some reason, send it back for a full refund. All of our products come with a minimum 1 year warranty (depending on which product).

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