InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel
InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel

InfraHeal™ MiniTouch Red Light Panel

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- Naturally boost your overall health
- Stimulate collagen production for radiant skin
- Simple 10 minute treatments
- EMF-Safe Technology
- ISO13485, ISO9001 & FDA certified
- Abundance of health benefits with every session

Discover the ultimate wellness solution with the ALL NEW InfraHeal™ MiniPanel Touch, a cutting-edge device designed to help improve skin, cellular health, plus more. This is an upgrade from the Original Mini Panel, now with an advanced touch screen interface, offering additional setting options: timer & brightness control, multiple wavelength modes + more. Experience an abundance of health benefits from red and near infrared light treatments in the comfort of your own home, with simple to use, non-invasive and effective 10 minute treatments. Get the device that is backed by science and trusted by thousands of experts worldwide. 

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Improve Your Health Naturally with InfraHeal™

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The ALL NEW InfraHeal™ MiniPanel Touch is a step up from the Original Mini Red Light Panel. It emits a total of 5 powerful wavelengths Red and Near-Infrared Light. With an advanced user-friendly touch screen interface, it offers additional setting options, such as brightness control, timer settings, multiple wavelength modes and more.

Daily Red and Near-Infrared Light Treatments can assist with boosting collagen activity for radiant glowing skin, as well as promote activation of the mitochondria within your cells to help speed up recovery and optimise your overall health and wellbeing. This device combines advanced technology with a premium quality build. Encased in a compact, yet sturdy iron shell, it features high irradiance 60 piece LED Chip multi-wavelength technology.

It's your simple yet effective companion for a rejuvenating light treatment session.

Clinically Proven Red & Near-Infrared Light

The InfraHeal™ MiniPanel Touch features 5 powerful wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared Light. The Near-Infrared wavelengths can help stimulate the 'Mitochrondria' within your cells, which has been proven to be the powerhouse for accelerated healing throughout the body, whilst Red Light wavelengths have been clinically used to stimulate collagen for healthier, glowing skin.


Healthier Skin

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Can assist with reducing wrinkles and fine lines, fostering collagen production, and calming skin inflammation. Beyond its cosmetic perks, lioght treatments have been used for addressing persistent conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Faster Recovery


Elite athletes have globally turned to red and infrared light for its role in aiding recovery. Through encouraging cell regeneration and enhancing blood flow, this therapy contributes to reducing muscle soreness and stiffness, leaving you feeling revitalized and less fatigued.

Better Sleep

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Red light treatment is known to enhance sleep quality by helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. By calming the mind and relaxing the body, it aids in easier sleep onset and longer sleep duration.

Improved Circulation


Red light can help boosts circulation, facilitating a more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This enhancement can contribute to increased energy levels & support healing processes.

Natural Healing

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Helping to enhance blood flow to injured tissues, red light has been shown to accelerate the healing process, reduce inflammation and alleviates pain. This heightened blood flow ensures a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, expediting its natural repair.

Alleviates Pain & Inflammation

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Red and Infrared light treatment is a non-invasive, drug-free option for pain relief and inflammation reduction. This is due to its ability to promote the release of nitric oxide, a compound that helps to reduce inflammation.

Backed By Thousands Of Clinical Studies


Red & Infrared Light has been studied and tested across thousands of peer-reviewed clinical trials and has shown to significantly improve musculoskeletal issues, enhance recovery and improve skin. It can help stimulate the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, reducing pain and inflammation. It has been applied in treatment for a range of health conditions, including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, muscle strains, bursitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, wounds, sciatica, as well as help stimulate collagen in your skin, and so much more!

Compare InfraHeal™ Red Light Panels

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Why spend thousands a year on therapies, when you can experience all the proven healing benefits of Red & Infrared Light in the comfort of your own home - at a fraction of the cost?

Loved by customers worldwide💖

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