How To Use The InfraHeal™ Flexi


1. If you press the power button once, the button light should turn green; indicating it is ON. This mode is when BOTH near infrared and red light is emitted.

2. Press the power button a second time, only red light is emitted - you will notice that the light is much brighter.

3. When you press the power button a third time, this is when only near-infrared light is emitted. Near-infrared is invisible to the naked eye, so you will notice the light is very dim.

4. TURN OFF: Press it a fourth time, the power button light will turn off; indicating the device is OFF. However, the device does turn off automatically after 15 minutes.


When Pulse Mode is turned on, it also has 3 light settings. This is in the same order as the standard 3 step mode above (1. both red and near infrared on; 2. Only red light is on; 3. Only near-infrared is on etc.)

You can start Pulse Mode by turning on the device, followed by holding down the power button for just over three seconds. The power button light will change from green to blue.

Once pulse mode is on, the lights will start flashing on and off.

1. The first setting emits both near-infrared and red light at 10hz.

2. If you press the power button again, the device will emit only red light at 10hz. 

3. If you press it a third time, it will emit only near-infrared light at 10hz.

What Is The Purpose Of Pulse Mode?

The purpose of pulse mode is that it reaches the deeper layers of the tissues at a higher intensity. 

Charging Your Device

- When the device is charging, the power button will be flashing red.

- When the device is fully charged, the power button will flash solid red. 

- When the battery is low, the power button will begin flashing on and off. The brightness of the lights will also decrease.

- You will need to charge your device for approximately 2-4 hours. A USB charger is included. 

- A full battery will last 3-4 hours. 

Additional information:

- This device only requires 15 minutes a session per day, but can be used for up to 30 minutes in one session/sitting. But we generally recommend to use it for 1-2 sessions per day for at least 4 weeks. 

- The device turns off automatically after 15 minutes. 

- This product can be easily cleaned by wiping with disinfectant or other simple cleaning products - but it is NOT waterproof. 

- This device is does not emit any harmful EMF or UV, which makes it very safe to use. 

Still need help?

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