Learn about Red & Infrared Light  & how it Can Help

What is Infrared Light?

Light treatment, also referred to as photobiomodulation, involves utilizing an LED light to administer beneficial light wavelengths to your skin and cells. Red light treatment consists of two highly specific light wavelengths, namely red light (measured at 660 nanometers) and near-infrared light (measured at 850nm). These wavelengths are naturally emitted by the sun and have undergone clinical validation for their ability to stimulate and enhance mitochondrial function within our bodies.

Did you know?

Red light operates through a pivotal mechanism of stimulating the cellular energy generators, called mitochondria, to increase the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, Reactive Oxygen Species, and Nitric Oxide. All these play a critical role in the body's healing and recovery processes, which can promote tangible health benefits.

Why do we need Healthy Light?

Similar to how humans require food, water, and oxygen for proper functioning, we also rely on healthy light to support our well-being. Sunlight plays a crucial role in regulating our brain's chemistry and essential circadian rhythms, which govern various aspects of our health, such as appetite, energy levels, mood, sleep, and even libido. Natural light energy plays a significant role in enhancing numerous biological processes within our bodies, including metabolic functions, enzyme reactions, muscular movements, food digestion, and fat burning. Embracing an abundance of natural light is essential for us to achieve our best physical and emotional state. In this pursuit, red & infrared light treatment offers valuable benefits to further aid our well-being.

Pioneered By NASA.

Infrared Light Treatment is a result of technology originally pioneered by NASA. Extensive research on ine effects of red and infrared light includes over 500 human trials and 4,000 laboratory studies conducted to date. These treatments provide all the advantageous light wavelengths, completely free from any harmful UV rays.

"So, What Are The Benefits?"

Light Up Your Health with INFRAHEAL

The sun naturally emits two wavelengths known as Red and Near Infrared Light. When applied in specific amounts, these wavelengths possess therapeutic properties for the body. Red light at 660nm is absorbed by the skin, promoting improved skin health, increased collagen production, and anti-aging benefits. Meanwhile, Near Infrared light at 850nm penetrates deeper into the body, reaching bones, muscles, tissues, and even organs to provide its healing effects.

Why Choose InfraHeal?

InfraHeal was founded on the mission to empower individuals in their healing journey by harnessing the potential of Red and Near-Infrared Light technology.


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